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Monday, July 17, 2017

A new bunny T-shirt

Earlier this year I made a bunny T-shirt for my daughter. It was a huge hit, she used it for Easter and has been using it ever since too. With the addition of our new pet (we now have a real bunny at our house - you can see him here in case you missed my wordless Wednesday post last week) my son decided he wanted a bunny birthday party. 

A new bunny T-shirt DIY

So last weekend we hosted our very own bunny party. We had a bunny cake, a bunny garland (a DIY project which I'll be showing here another time), a bunny tablecloth and bunny napkins. And I made a new bunny t-shirt, this time for my son. 

A new bunny T-shirt DIY

I used my Sizzix to cut a bunny shape from a piece of iron-on fabric (my son picked the pattern). 

A new bunny T-shirt DIY
After ironing the bunny over a plain t-shirt, I secured it with a zig-zag stitch all around (it may be me, but I'm always afraid these iron-ons won't survive being washed more than a couple of times). 

A new bunny T-shirt DIY

Then I added the pom-pom and embroidered the eye of the bunny, although I'm not very happy with it yet, as it doesn't stand out much from the pattern of the fabric. My son didn't want to add a button for the eye, so I may need to embroider it a bit bigger or with a darker thread. 

A new bunny T-shirt DIY

Still, overall, it was another hit and the perfect add-on to our bunny birthday party. 

A new bunny T-shirt DIY

 And here are the two bunny t-shirts side by side:

http://keepingitrreal.blogspot.com.es/2017/03/diy-bunny-spring-t-shirt.htmlA new bunny T-shirt DIY

Happy Monday, 

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